Mindfulness 6-week COURSE

Mindfulness is about making what you are doing right now, the most important thing in the world. By doing so, we become more present to our whole lives - moment to moment. It’s a way of BEING - from the mat and into our everyday.

It''s an empowering practice with physical, emotional and cognitive benefits.

This 6-week Mindfulness Course was designed for you to:

• Become more self-ware - notice what triggers stress, reactivity, avoidance and negativity.

• Cultivate the capacity to notice, be with and choose your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

• Explore formal mindfulness meditation practices (seated, laying down, walking and standing) and also learn to apply mindfulness to our every day lives - from mindful eating to conversations and our relationships.

• Build your mindfulness muscle week by week with the support of weekly Sunday practice AND take home practices to hold you accountable AND help you integrate Mindfulness into your everyday life, including BONUS
- Recorded mindfulness meditations
- Trackable activities and goal setting
- Printable handout to bring to each course lesson

• Learn the psychological and biological processes behind stress, worry, anxiety and rumination.

Mindfulness will become a state of being, rather than something you do. 

What is Mindfulness?
• Mindfulness is the practice of purposely paying attention to the present moment with out judgement, filters or expectation, but with kindness and acceptance. 
• We are the sum of our repeated patterns and habits. When we create more time for stillness and being present to what is, we train the mind to spend more time in the RIGHT NOW. Move away from the past, pull back from the future and be in the NOW.
• Learn to see and experience life clearly, exactly as it is, and allow the moment to unfold with a sense of equanimity. 
• We will explore formal mindfulness meditation practices and how mindfulness can be applied to our every day lives.

Who’s it ideal for?
• Anyone wanting to be more present - to themselves, their relationships and each moment of their lives.
• Do you constantly rehash the past, fear the future, easily distracted or fall into negative thought patterns?
• Do you ruminate, add meaning or unnecessary negative judgements on people, conversations, experiences or yourself? 
• Want to learn how to calm your busy brain?
• When you’ve realised that multi-tasking is actually holding you back.
• Are you curious about becoming more aware of your patterns - both thoughts and behaviours?

The benefits of Mindfulness:
• Learn to respond, not to react
• Greater capacity to deal with stress and challenges.
• Take greater pleasure in your senses
• Find greater joy in every day
• Gain clarity of mind and become more engaged in what you do, reducing distractions and increasing focus & productivity.
• Improve physical and mental wellbeing.
• Become more self-aware - notice what triggers stress, reactivity, avoidance and negativity. Cultivate the capacity to notice, be with and choose your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
• Through Mindfulness we widen the bandwidth of what we are aware of, increasing our acceptance, resilience and courage.
• Mindfulness meditation improves attention span, mental flexibility and our capacity to regulate emotions. 
• Cultivate compassion, empathy, acceptance and curiosity to your self and others. 

Secure your place in the course early as numbers are strictly limited.
Led by Angela Mifsud.

Date(s):Sunday, 23 July 2017 to Sunday, 27 August 2017
Time:9am - 10:15am
Venue:Yogabowl (upstairs) @ Lane Cove Tennis Club.
Cost: $160

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