Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation sessions with Natalie Haider, Yoga Teacher
Ever wanted to meditate or learn about mindfulness but not sure where to start? Feel like your mind is too busy or you can’t stay still enough to relax? Do you experience feelings of stress, anxiety, or sleeplessness? Then join Natalie Haider (link to bio) for her 6-week mindfulness and meditation course to uncover the benefits of a daily meditation or mindfulness practice. Each session is experiential and designed to build on the previous week’s class, so you will gain the most benefit by committing to all 6 sessions.
Each week, learn a new mindfulness and meditation technique to take into your everyday life to support your mental wellbeing.

Session 1: present-moment sensing: engaging the senses to pay attention to the present moment
Session 2: physical sensing: connecting to physical sensations in the body through movement and in stillness
Session 3: mental sensing: paying kind attention to thoughts and feelings
Session 4: breath sensing: meditation on the breath
Session 5: relaxation practice: integrative restoration yoga nidra practice
Session 6: compassionate practice: loving kindness meditation

All sessions are held virtually via Zoom, are one hour in duration, and accessible for beginners. Participants will also receive a recording of each week’s session to continue exploring each theme for the week.

$25 per class or $120 for all 6 sessions.

Date(s):Thursday, 22 October 2020 to Thursday, 26 November 2020
Cost: $25