Trigger Point Therapy for lower body

Join us in this 1 hour workshop to learn how to release physical discomfort you might feel and tension that we often hold in our lower bodies from desk bound jobs, physical exertion or restricted mobility.

In our Lower BODY MODULE - we will explore techniques that will:

• Free up stiffness in your hamstrings
• Release your quads and hipflexors
• learn ways to release your glutes using balls
• Improve overall posture

We will be using Myofascial release techniques that get into the real source of the discomfort - using various tools such as rollers, trigger therapy balls, props and breath work. This program will include various movements specifically designed to maximise your mobility and will leave you lighter and prepare you for a good night's sleep.

This workshop is open to all levels and no previous experience is needed. You will need 2 tennis balls and a roller. If you have any yoga props, have them handy, otherwise don't worry.

Vincci Law
Vincci started her yoga journey over 20yrs ago to reduce chronic back pain and has since evolved from a physical healing process into a self-discovery journey. Her love of yoga led to her decision in leaving a corporate job to pursue further studies to become a yoga teacher. Since completing her training at Qi Yoga, she has studied with world renowned teachers including Donna Farhi, Leslie Kaminoff, Roger Cole, Lizzie Lasater, Sarah Powers, Tiffany Cruikshank and Jo Phee.

From her studies with these teachers, Vincci combines functional movement, anatomy, breath work, mindfulness and philosophy in her yoga and myofascial release classes. Her aim is to guide and educate students to learn about themselves through movement, breath and self awareness.

Date(s):Sunday, 25 October 2020
Cost: $35