Yin Yoga Winter Workshop

In the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Winter is associated with the water element. So this Yin Winter workshop will be focusing on working the Kidney meridian to flow freely and rid ourselves of stagnation. A practice to help rid the body of heaviness, lethargy and encourages revitalisation. Darker, colder winter days are perfect for slowing down and honouring the scared pause of nourishment and rest. 

Benefits of this practice include: 
- greater clarity
- inner connection 
- better elimination & detoxification 
- greater creativity

Sarah Powers, one of the great Yin teachers says, “Yin Yoga teaches us how to heal and fully inhabit ourselves, developing an attitude of attentiveness and kindness within us” and helps to “accelerate our ability to help, heal, and naturally love others.”

Yin combines physical, mental and spiritual work to bring awareness to our higher selves, restore our nervous system and gives us time to pause and soften. It's the perfect calming, grounding and nurturing energy of the cooler months to balance out the masculine energy we are surrounded by and live in.  
Tune inward, allow energy to flow freely and come back to your true, authentic self. 
Accessible to all bodies.

Led by Georgia Rose Thompson

Date(s):Sunday, 28 July 2019
Time:9am - 10:30am
Venue:Yogabowl (upstairs) @ Lane Cove Tennis Club.
Cost: $39

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