Meditation & Mindful Living Course

Would you like to feel:
- more present, relaxed and open to life?
- empowered and able to meet life’s challenges?
- as though meditation is available to you,, and that you DO have time for it?

Join Angela on Thursday nights and enjoy being guided through simple and effective meditations to cultivate greater presence, ease and peace, whilst developing the skills and confidence to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. Receive take home recorded mindfulness meditations and activities to support you integrate meditation and mindfulness into your weekly routine.

Benefits of Mindfulness you’ll enjoy can include:
• Reduce stress, worry and rumination.
• Feel more relaxed and calm.
• Improve sleep and overall health.
• Become more engaged in what you do, improve focus and increase productivity.
• Be more present - to yourself, your relationships and each moment of your life.
• Increased acceptance and ability to cope with change and challenging situations.
• Cultivate greater compassion and empathy toward yourself and others.
• Find greater joy in the every day.

What to expect from the 8-week course:
• Understand why meditation can sometimes feel ‘difficult’ and discover simple ways to move into it with ease.
• Become more self-ware - notice our triggers and create new positive habits.
• Cultivate the capacity to notice, be with and choose your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
• Learn the psychological and biological processes behind stress, worry, anxiety and rumination - and how to mediate them.
• Explore many simple and effective mindfulness meditation practices, including seated, laying down (body scan), walking and mindful movement (Yoga).
• Learn to apply mindfulness to our everyday lives - including mindful eating, conversations and relationships.

Ideal for those:
• New to meditation
• Curious to learn more about mindful way of living
• Experienced Meditators seeking to enjoy the benefits of meditation in a supportive group environment.

Led by Angela Mifsud, who’s currently studying her Masters of Clinical Psychology, researching Mindfulness and Self Compassion.

Min: 6 people, Max 15.

“Ange’s Meditation & Mindful living Course exceeded my expectations - I really enjoyed it.
As a teacher/instructor,  Ange’s open & non-judgmental approach was perfect for me, as I’m new to meditation. I’m now enjoying the benefits of meditation and understand how these benefits can be applied directly to my life.” 

Date(s):Thursday, 21 February 2019 to Thursday, 11 April 2019
Time:7pm - 8:15pm
Venue:Yogabowl (upstairs) @ Lane Cove Tennis Club.
Cost: $235

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