Beginners Yoga 8wk Course

If you’ve never done Yoga before, our BEGINNER Yoga course is for you.

This 8-week course brings Yoga right back to basics, starting at the beginning. It’s a safe, empowering way to learn and practice Yoga in the body that YOU have, at the moment.

Starting something new takes courage. This is the ideal non-threatening starting point - we’ll guide you through:
* Basic Yoga technique and alignment
* English names of the poses - nothing tricky to remember.
* Learn about how these poses are beneficial, and which ones we avoid - when new to Yoga.
* Simple breathing and relaxation techniques.
* We’ll slow down enough to really listen in to our bodies (bypassing expectations) and explore self care instead.
* No crazy poses or taking you our of your comfort zone. This is genuinely for beginner Yogi’s - we promise.

A fun, approachable learning environment where every BODY is cared for & accepted, and you can ask as many questions as you need. It will give you the confidence to say, “I do Yoga” - and to progress into other Yoga classes if you wish.

From Teenagers right through to Seniors - all ages are welcomed into this ideal learning environment for new Yogi’s & beginner Yoga on Sydney’s north shore.

Let us know if you require a part-term (pro-rata) registration.

Led by Mitch (Michelle) Gibson

Date(s):Tuesday, 2 April 2019 to Tuesday, 21 May 2019
Time:6pm - 7pm
Venue:Yogabowl (upstairs) @ Lane Cove Tennis Club.
Cost: $195

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