Goals with Soul Workshop

So many of us start the year with a plan to do things BETTER than we did last year.
* Are you frustrated and overwhelmed because things aren’t progressing the way you’d hoped?
* Have things drifted back into same-old habits?


For us humans, sometimes the familiar isn’t always the best way forward.

Over-achieving, over-ambitious plans can leave us feeling a little soul-less. To get you back on track, we will be helping you create heart-focused goals and habits that you’ll actually stick to.

Could you use a push to get you back on track, or a little help creating habits and goals that you’ll actually stick to? It’s human to let our ambition drive our over-achieving, and create with the mind, rather than from the soul.

We’ll explore your WHY, by taking a look at the year gone by...the lessons, the joys, the challenges, the victories, the lot.

Maybe your goals were created within your mind, instead of from your soul? What is it that brings the sparkle to your eye?
And how do you get that feeling in your everyday life?

Preparation for this workshops starts from the moment you sign up.
This important part of the process shows us where we’re going before we set sail.

* You will receive some quick questions & homework to explore in the lead up to the workshop.
* We’ll provide resources and handouts to keep you on track.
* You’ll gain a new perspective on what your goals are and why you strive for those things.
* We will create space for the ideas for growth that were probably in there all along.
* You will learn some really helpful tools to keep you centered and on track, so you CAN achieve what you set out to in the coming months.

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Led by Kirralie Dillon

Date(s):Sunday, 8 April 2018
Venue:Yogabowl, inside Lane Cove Tennis Club
Cost: $99

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