Plus-Size Yoga Workshop

A Yoga workshop for women who identify as Plus-Size.

Regardless of stereotypical media leanings, Yoga is a non-competitive practice designed to help every body feel wonderful, free and calm.

Have you been curious about starting Yoga, though didn’t feel comfortable, weren’t sure you’d find a teacher who’d “get” it, or a class that would meet your needs and you could relax in?

Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all practice, and is do-able for real people like you - given the right teaching and support. The same way Pregnant women, seniors and those with back-pain benefit from specialised Yoga, Plus-Size Yoga will open your eyes and your body to all the amazing benefits of Yoga. And we’re not just talking physical benefits here :)

We’ve created a program that offers:
- a safe space of self-acceptance where every BODY is loved & welcomed
- expertly sequenced Yoga for larger bodies
- modifications and permission to make the practice work for you
- stretching and strengthening your body in a way that feels accessible
- move into a new level of self awareness
- filling the space on and around your mat with joy, pride, empathy and self-love
- down-time for YOU, away from the stresses of life. Relax. Restore. Recharge.

If you have a Yoga mat, bring it along. If not - we’ve got plenty of mats. Just bring you.

It’s about COMFORT, not looking a certain way.
Leggings, tracky dacks, lounge pants, shorts, your favourite PJ pants, t-shirt, or singlet, or whatever you’ll be comfortable sitting & lying on the floor in.
It seriously doesn''t matter.
And we don’t wear shoes in class, so bare feet or socks are easy !

You don’t need to change a thing - just show up as YOU. We’d love you to join us for Plus-Size Yoga on Sydney’s north shore.

Sunday 22nd October 10:30am - 12:30pm @ Yogabowl.
Upstairs (one flight of stairs) @ Lane Cove Tennis Club.

Led by Deb Hennessey.

This workshop is a “taster” for a 6-week Plus-Size Yoga Course we’ll be running 5th Nov to 10th Dec.
The ideal opportunity to try it & see how it feels.

Date(s):Sunday, 22 October 2017
Time:10:30am - 12:30pm
Venue:Yogabowl (upstairs) @ Lane Cove Tennis Club.
Cost: $69

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