Why Corporate Yoga?

Many SME’s right through to business giants are embracing mindfulness programs, including Yoga, to unleash greater productivity, performance and staff satisfaction.

From a business perspective,
Why should you consider Yoga for wellness right now?

  • Initially we have the HAPPY phase; stress and overwhelm are reduced, AND team cohesion, employee engagement and worker morale are all increased.
  • During the first 12 months there is marked improvement in job satisfaction, staff attraction and retention, individual performance, productive and your Corporate image.
  • We see long term increases in presenteeism AND return on training and development investment. For every $1 spent on health and wellbeing programs, there is a documented return on investment of $3-$6.

Some benefits you will notice through Corporate Yoga:

  • Yoga reduces stress:
    Yoga cleverly manipulates our nervous system. It teaches us how to manage its natural stress responses - which would be FIGHT or FLIGHT (= stress & anxiety), and replacing that with calm.
  • Yoga improves productivity:
    When humans are calm and relaxed, they function better.
    Physically: their immune system is stronger - which means less sick days.
    Mentally: they’re able to focus and fully access creativity - whether in the boardroom or dealing with a client.
    Productively: Corporate Yogi’s report a tangible improvement in time management skills, mental performance and ability to meet deadlines.
    Less absenteeism: Healthy, content staff = less sick days. It’s that simple.
  • Yoga helps when relating to others:
    Whether it’s with client or a co-worker, Yoga teaches us mindfulness when making wise choices around our intentions and communications with others. Everybody wants a win-win.
  • Improving work/life balance:
    The challenges of long hours and shift work are a huge concern for some. Yoga influences all your organs and body systems, helping to create best possible blood supply and therefore optimum performance to all areas of the body - including your BRAIN. You'll sleep better, you'll think better, you'll function better.
  • Corporate image:
    Provision of wellness programs is perceived as incredibly positive in terms of staff recruitment, engagement, retention and company innovation.

As recommended by the NSW Government’s Get Healthy At Work plan, Corporate Yoga classes will benefit your staff and positively impact your organisation.