General Questions

It could be a one-off, an off-site, a 'term' of classes - or even an ongoing (semi or permanent) class.

Whatever day and time and frequency suits you, suits us too.

We want to make the program / class fit your group - you don’t have to work around us. Usually, anything is do-able.

We believe it’s important that every single person in a class is seen and cared for – which is why we like to limit a class to 25 people.

Any more than that is definitely do-able, though we’d bring in more of our staff to make sure things are kept safe and everyone was attended to. If only 1 or 2 people can commit to a class – lucky them. It’s like a semi-private lesson, and we’re definitely up for it.

Because our corporate groups are usually at mixed levels with their previous Yoga experience, the style we deliver can best be described as Hatha Yoga - which is an umbrella term encompassing various different Yoga styles and influences.

What’s important to us is assessing the group - where they’re at and what they need from their Yoga.

Functionality is also very important to us, so there is a strong emphasis on Yoga poses which cater for desk sitters - and their tight shoulders, sore necks, cranky backs and tight hips - and all poses can be modified to suit all shapes, sizes & levels. The inclusion of relaxation is also ideal for busy, stressed people.

Typically all we need is a suitable space to work in – usually a meeting room, boardroom, training room etc – something with an appropriate level of privacy that won’t be interrupted, and something we can reliably ‘book’ for class each time.

If finding space is an issue, many clients consider holding their Yoga class after hours - where we can often utilise spaces like hubs, receptions etc. We also love working outdoors, particularly in the warmer months.

Mostly for hygiene purposes, we suggest students bring their own yoga mats. If someone doesn't have a mat, then a towel is OK to get you started.

Yogabowl sells Yoga mats and other Yoga equipment - and are happy to deliver whatever is required, to a student in class - offering a 10% corporate client discount.

We suggest you wear loose, comfortable layers and bare feet. Corporate attire won't work.