We offer locals (ie. Sydney folk) your first YOGA CLASS FREE. Register online here.

Class sizes are small and are capped at 10 people per class.

Term classes:
$22 per class x the number of weeks specified for that term.
Term 1 of Monday Open Yoga at 7pm runs for 11 weeks. The cost of this term is $242.

All classes are pre-booked and run in terms of approximately 10 weeks (similar to school terms).
If you cannot attend all the classes in the term, you can do make up classes in another class if there is room. If not, you will forfeit these classes. Classes are not carried over to the next term.

If you would like to attend casually then you can do so if there is room in the class you want to attend. Please email us to pre-book your casual class. 


5 week term $175
10 week term $300

Casual $38