“Universe: You’re dropped!”

“Universe: You’re dropped!”

Yep, I did it.

Earlier this year, I dumped The Universe (insert other terms for higher power here).

After an excruciatingly long time period of lay upon layer of struggle in various forms, with my plea’s for change apparently ignored - in an exhausted huff, I declared we were breaking up. And I didn’t even go into break-up grief. I was too exhausted to barely manage a, “Pfft.”

In an unwitting nod to my own Taurean-ness (look it up … stubborn, loyal, etc), I began soul searching my, “What next?” - when through my exhaustion, the completely unexpected happened: I was offered exclusivity 7 days/week in Lane Cove Tennis Club (right next door to Yogabowl). It was like a flicker of light, and I heard my inner voice whisper, “Maybe…”

So after class one Saturday morning I went over to go sit in the Tennis Club space for a few minutes and just see how it felt. I’ve taught dozens of classes in there before - though that morning something felt different. Really different.

I felt this palpable Whoosh of energy - the physical surge was quite remarkable. Heat. Goosebumps. And with that came a very clear message, “You need to do this.”

Then as the details of the offer became clearer, I was inundated with a landslide of Pro’s - which stacked up unbelievably against years of Con’s. The respect, support and ease that this process has taken since that day has been weirdly remarkable and liberating.

Green light after green light. The Universe was trying to get back together again; I was and am being wooed; I felt the “Zing”.

Yes, we’re back on together, and I’m smiling.

When a wonderful door opens right in front of you, and you’re feeling the backdraft literally shoving you through it, it’s pointless fighting it. It felt like an energetic no brainer, and I haven’t had a 2nd thought about it since.

Here’s to the next chapter, in our lovely new home upstairs amongst the trees, and the light, and the clean privacy of our own space, and the odd “plop” of an errant tennis ball landing on our balcony. See you upstairs @ The Lane Cove Tennis Club.

Loved-up again,

Spring is Sprung.

Spring is Sprung

Ah Spring. Bless you. Seriously - I long for you and totally adore you.

The smell of flowers and newness in the air,
the less layers / scarves / jackets, the warmer air …
You make getting out of bed in the morning better.
Life somehow seems easier and more optimistic in spring.
The sense of newness, reawakening & freshness brings a sense of possibility.

Here’s some fresh ideas you could include in your Spring Ritual:

  • Clean out a cupboard, your car or glove-box, your desk, your handbag, the garden shed – and give some unneeded stuff to charity.
  • Put a bunch of spring-smelling flowers in a vase at home or on your desk.
  • Switch from heavy, slow-cooked winter foods, to lighter fresh foods.
  • Clean out your fridge and pantry. Chuck out all those use-by has-beens & replace them with something fresh.
  • Start eating more fresh fruit for breakfast.
  • Start a 10-min morning ritual of self care. Try Meditation. Breath-work. Yoga. Sip tea in silence. A walk around the block. Don’t switch on your phone until it’s done; clear your head and face the day with clarity.
  • Go outside, close your eyes, smell the scent of spring in the air & enjoy the warm sun on your body.
  • Consider wearing more colours.
  • Clean out your wallet/purse. Do we really need to carry around all that crap?
  • Put away the heater and open some windows.
  • Grab a rug and go have a picnic outside.
  • Include ‘SOMETHING FOR ME’ on your next to-do list – and actually do it!
  • Try eating a meal away from your desk, without the TV on, in silence. Really taste your food & appreciate it for what it is. Mindful eating (like mindful breathing in Yoga) can be unexpectedly amazing.
  • Rearrange some furniture, or even some pictures you have on your walls.
  • Acknowledge your amazing friends. Ask them round for lunch one Sunday.
  • Give your Yoga mat a spruce-up. Spray it with your favourite essential oil blend.
  • Unroll your Yoga mat and get on it. Whether it’s in a class, workshop, course, at home or in the workplace - Spring is the ideal time to reconnect with your Yoga practice and stretch out some of those winter creaks.

So Spring - if you could just give your mate Daylight Savings a call and invite him round, I’d be totally in my element.

Happy Spring everyone.

8 reasons to practice Yoga in winter.

It’s cold.

Many of us are either coming down with something, or getting over something – including me.

Here’s why keeping up your Yoga practice through the chillier months is a smart idea:

1. Yoga Boosts Your Immune System

Unless you live in a bubble, it’s almost certain you’ll be exposed to some winter nasties like cold & flu. Yoga supports the immune system by cleverly manipulating your parasympathetic nervous system - keeping your cortisol levels low and keeping you calm. Our Yoga practice in winter is instinctively more insular & inward-turning. There’s a sense of self-nurturing - which really boosts your immune system. That, along with plenty of quality sleep, down-time and Yoga should keep you healthy.

2. Yoga Boosts Your Energy, Too

The short days, dark evenings, little sunshine, and drab winter clouds can leave you feeling sluggish. The best way to boost your body’s energy level naturally is with regular exercise. As little as 3-4 hours per week is all it takes to kick your body into gear.

3. Yoga helps you perform @ your best.

Winter seems be when we’re at our busiest. End of financial year, between school holidays, it’s just go-go-go. If you show up for work stressed, fatigue and wound-up - you won’t even go close to your potential. Yoga will keep you firing on all cylinders.

4. Yoga Brightens Your Heart & Calms your Mind.

Do you dread winter? Many people’s mental health get wobbly during the bleaker months. Your regular Yoga practice will help you deal with the blues that often accompany the freezin’- season. Yoga reminds us of simple principles such as compassion & self empathy, so being present in the moment in your Yoga class will help cut through any negativity. Make time for Yoga, breathwork (pranayama) and /or meditation practice.

5. Cold joints are painful joints.

Stiff, unhealthy or arthritic joints hurt in cold weather, making you feel stiff and sluggish. All the more reason to roll out your Yoga mat. Warming up your muscles and joints is great for the body - improving circulation, reducing stiffness and cramping, and helping you warm up. Building heat from the inside can keep you moving all day. Have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Sleep in your Yoga clothes, then roll out of bed and get to class — no excuses!

6. Yoga Improves Those Snuggly Winter Sleeps

Have you noticed you always get a better night’s sleep, on your Yoga days? Sleep is crucial to immune function, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer doing what you can to make those 8 hours the best quality they can be. Make sure you stick to your bedtime routine: stop eating & drinking 2hrs before bed, gently USHER YOUR PHONE/DEVICE OUT OF THE BEDROOM, and expect to wake up feeling refreshed. When your mind is happy and calm, you will be happy and calm.

7. Yoga Will Keep You Grounded

The seasons come and go. Autumn is a time for shedding; Winter - hibernation, Spring - a rejuvenation, and everyone loves the vitality of summer. We go through times in our lives full of prosperity and joy, while others are in loss or challenge. As the seasons AND the world changes around us, our time on the mat can be a consistent source of calm and grace.

8. Consistency is key.

We all practice Yoga to enjoy the benefits. And you’re probably going to need those benefits even more during winter. Knowing your practice will keep you on track physically, mentally and beyond - is why we love Yoga. Keep it up. No matter what is changing in your life or in the world around you.


Moving house and revamping websites.

Have you ever moved house?

Aside from the stress of endless boxes, culling and packing .... the moment you know you’re moving, you suddenly hate your (current) house. Everything is tired and old about it. Even though it was home, you’re way over it and you’re done.

My Yogabowl website was created an entire lifetime of mine ago. In 2005 when I started Yogabowl as a freelance Yoga teacher, I knew ZERO about business, marketing, and things like website creation.

I created our original site with my web designer Steve: lovingly writing and re-writing the content - and being chuffed at how it all came together. It was my then HOME.

Taste, style and technology move quickly - and a couple of years ago I realised I no longer loved my online home. She was looking tired and kinda long in the tooth - and for that I was empathetic. God knows we all have days like that.

Though just like real life: at the time I didn’t have the time or the money to move. It got to the point where I was almost embarrassed to invite people over to my online home (website) because I knew I’d grown out of it, it didn’t really reflect me and my Yogabowl home and community, anymore.

So (drumroll please ...) I’m thrilled to announce: We’ve moved house! Welcome to Yogabowl’s new online home. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Come on in, take a look around and make yourself at home. Whether you’re a newbie looking for beginner Yoga in Lane Cove, or a Corporate Yogi shopping around for Yoga in the workplace - you’re very welcome here.

Watch this space for future blog posts, musings and Yogabowl updates, and we'll see you on a Yoga mat soon.


The 5 best things about a short Yoga Course.

The 5 best things about a short Yoga Course:

  1. Committing to a course brings consistency - and consistency is what brings you the RESULTS you want in your Yoga practice. Whether it’s dealing with stress, sleeping better, or fixing that wonky neck of yours - you’ll enjoy the benefits of regular Yoga.
  2. You’re implementing a positive pattern, which instantly improves our healthy perception of ourself, our self esteem and our sense of self care.
  3. A 5-week course is do-able, and it’s enough to set you up in a new healthy habit you’ll really look forward to each week.
  4. Short courses allows room for progressive sequencing and learning throughout the course. You’ll come away with new knowledge about Yoga - and about YOU and how you function in your own body and mind.
  5. It’s a great chance to connect with your teacher and their style. All our teachers are just like you: normal people who happen to love Yoga and its benefits. They’ve all come from different teacher training courses and life experiences, and so each bring something unique to the practice in terms of style, passion and meaning.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat.