Our Teachers

Meet our teachers.

Ingrid Shaw (Owner 2020)

PILATES teacher, GYROTONIC® trainer and YAMUNA FOOT FITNESS practitioner.

Having had a successful career as a ballet and contemporary dancer in Europe Ingrid was introduced to Pilates as a way in which dancers were managing and rehabilitating from injury. When she returned to Australia in 1990 she underwent comprehensive Pilates training and later combined with a Physiotherapist to set up the 1st Physio/Pilates practice and the 5th Pilates studio in Sydney. Ingrid successfully ran this business for over 20 years comprising 2 big studios in Neutral Bay and Strathfield.

Ingrid’s vision has always been about creating an oasis from the busyness of life’s bustle, where people can come and do safe, effective movement/exercise to address the needs of their bodies (and minds) in a non competitive and caring atmosphere.

In 2002 Ingrid was introduced to The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® which piqued her interest. She started training in Gyrotonic in 2013, eventually selling out of her large business in 2015 to explore more training in this System.

Ingrid couldn’t pass up the offer from a highly regarded Physiotherapist to open a boutique Pilates and Gyrotonic studio alongside his practice later in 2015 in Hunters Hill.

Over last 4.5 years Ingrid''s business has thrived, specialising in individually tailored Pilates and Gyrotonic sessions. It is one of only a handful of Gyrotonic studios in Sydney, however awareness of this fabulous System is growing and more teachers are training every year in Sydney and around Australia.

Ingrid has continued to keep her hand in the dance world having been asked to teach Pilates to assist the rehabilitation of the dancers of the Sydney Dance Company per professional year since its inception 6 years ago. She also enjoys working with the company dancers.

Ingrid is the mother of 4 children, 2 dogs,1 cat, numerous fish and chickens and is a Longueville local.

John McWhorter

YOGA teacher

Some years ago I heard a fellow say he had been practicing yoga for 30 years and he finally understood why. And now, 20+ years into my own practice, I do too. It’s because after all this stretching, strengthening, breathing, studying, chanting, meditating and just paying attention, I’m feeling quite well. I work a physically-demanding day job and take no medications. Now in my mid-50s, I give a lot of credit to yoga.

See, yoga’s not just stretching. There’s way more to it. There’s this magic, alchemical, mysterious thing that happens when we get on the mat and move our bits around in this particular way. While scientific studies continue proving it, I’ll tell you that yoga simply improves life. Over 5000 years, a lot of really smart, dedicated and passionate people have a developed a really good way of helping ourselves live better. I’ve proved it to myself and it’s right there in every class. In 60 short minutes, we can go from feeling negative and stagnant to happy and energised.

Looking back, when I first began teaching, my Ashtanga-oriented classes made people sweat. We worked hard and got strong. I believed that if some was good, more was better. That was till I damaged both knees and overstretched my back. It took a while, but I’ve learned something about limitations and acceptance and the value of experience. I offer people a safe and sustainable way of making yoga part of their life. The classes are challenging but also accessible, with options to make the practice easier or more difficult, depending on your ability and preference.

These days, I know what it feels like to live in a 50-year-old body. I’m not as bendy or strong or fast as I used to be. Still, yoga practice has helped me reduce stress, kept me physically capable, created a steadier mind and more balanced life. I believe it can do the same for anyone regardless of age or ability.

Natalie Haider

YOGA teacher

Natalie has worked as a Psychologist since 2002, and completed her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training qualification at the Yoga Institute in Sydney.

She is a Health At Every Size ® (HAES) practitioner, and is passionate about providing everybody with a safe space to participate in breath-centred Yoga for holistic wellness.

Natalie’s special interest lies in helping women to develop a positive relationship with their mind, body, and movement – and she brings an empathetic connection to her work.

She works and hangs out in the Inner West, and is looking forward to bringing this work to Yogabowl.

Johanna Brown

YOGA teacher

I discovered Yoga quite by accident.  It was as though a very precious and profound gift was delivered by the universe at precisely the right moment.  During a period of darkness in my life, Yoga was a guiding light and a grounding force. 

21 years on I continue to be a student of the practice, and as a teacher, my strongest driver is the wish to share the gifts of Yoga.  My hope is for students to discover a connection to their own light and ultimately peace, through a practice that is real and accessible. 
My classes are a personal expression of the flowing style of Yoga in which I originally trained, with a focus on embodiment of the poses, transitioning with mindfulness, and linking all with breath. In my classes you can expect to move a little slower and more deliberately to create a space for that experience. 
In more recent years I’m finding a stronger pull towards the deeply nourishing and restorative, and it excites me to add those offerings.
My wholehearted intention is to hold space where anyone stepping onto their mat, whether for the first, 100th or 1000th time, is empowered and enriched by their experience that day. 
“We don''t use our body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into our body” - Bernie Clark

Anita Foster

YOGA teacher

Anita is a certified Forrest Yoga Teacher L1 (RYT-200), has trained with Rainbow Kids Yoga and earned her intermediate certification in ‘Yoga Therapy for Children’ with Global Family Yoga in 2015.

She has also just completed Adaptive Yoga training in the US with MindBodySolutions, which brings another layer to her Yoga teaching skills. 

With over 15 years of personal practice, she has a passion for Yoga, health & wellbeing, and giving back to the community. Yoga keeps her grounded and helps manage stress and anxiety levels during challenging times. 

Anita has volunteered with A Sound Life, teaching Yoga to at risk youth since March 2017. She integrates the intelligence of a Forrest Yoga practice using breath work and mind-body connection whilst creating a safe space for the teens to be open to the restorative and calming benefits of Yoga. 

Feedback from the facility is that the sessions help them get back in touch with their emotions, assists them in calming down, improves stress levels and helps improve their sleep.

Wendy Millyard

YOGA teacher

Having spent some 12 years travelling and working overseas (mainly in London), Sydney-born Wendy now calls Australia home. Whilst it was never her intention to become a Yoga teacher, the common denominator among Wendy’s many vocations (arts management, talent management and in the feature film industry) has been her love of being with and helping people. Working with people in ways that enable them to feel calmer, more grounded and connected with themselves and others is therefore a pretty good gig!

Wendy teaches Restorative and Hatha Yoga. Her first 300hrs of training was in Anusara Yoga. Whilst living in London, Wendy was privileged to spend many years practicing and studying at triYoga with some of the world’s finest teachers, mainly from the Iyenagr and Anusara lineages. It was at triYoga that she first met her mentor and friend, the esteemed American Yoga teacher, Richard Rosen.

In November 2018 she completed a 20-month advanced 300hr teacher training at triYoga led by senior UK teachers Anna Ashby and Jean Hall. Having suffered with chronic back pain since she was very young (and spinal surgery aged 17), Wendy is particularly interested in Yoga therapeutics which she has studied in depth. She is also deeply passionate about the benefits of Restorative Yoga.

A perennial student of Yoga, she has a habit of haemorrhaging money on Yoga books and other props.

Michelle (Mitch) Gibson

YOGA teacher + mentor

Mitch (Michelle) Gibson has been guiding human bodies toward health since her fitness instructor/presenter days in 1984. She found her way home to Yoga in 2002, now specialising in mostly Restorative, Gentle & therapeutic manipulation of our PNS, permission-based teaching & training styles, & the concept of doing LESS.
This is her practice, and her therapy.

A certified Advanced Relax and Renew trainer with Judith Lasater, Mitch has also studied Restorative Yoga with Roger Cole and Lizzie Lasater. She brings the detail and sensitivity from that Lasater lineage to her work, and continues to deliver her acclaimed 30hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Mitch was the creator and owner of Yogabowl studio in Lane Cove, Sydney 2005 - 2019, stepping down to consider other opportunities to teach elsewhere. She continues to train and mentor Yoga teachers throughout Australia.

She currently lives in Sydney with her partner, and 2 fur babies.

Stephanie Urban


Sydney born, Stephanie’s background is in professional dance, she danced 17 years in Munich, Germany as a soloist with the Bavarian State Ballet.
Always seeking new paths to improve her body and it’s capabilities Stephanie discovered the GYROTONIC Method early in her career and has practiced it religiously since her first session back in 2003.

Stephanie is a Certified GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS instructor and has a Diploma in Dance and Classical Ballet Pedagogy from the University for Theatre and Music in Munich, Germany. Stephanie has been instructing GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS since 2012 in Munich, Germany, London, England, Monte Carlo, Monaco, and since January 2019 she returned permanently to Sydney.

She has had first hand experience with Gyrotonic and pre and post natal exercising the method throughout her own pregnancy and rehabilitation to return to the stage.

Stephanie loves working with people using the GYROTONIC Method, attention to detail, taking time yet still finding a flow in the sessions.

Judit Bilinszki

PILATES and YOGA Teacher

Judits’ passion for movement started at a young age as a gymnast and ballet dancer and led her on a path of fitness and personal training. She was first introduced to Pilates in 2008 and was immediately hooked. She trained in Dubai and Australia in Stott Pilates, Polestar Pilates and PITC.

After several years of Yoga practice she completed her first Yoga Alliance Teacher Training course in Thailand in 2010 and became a certified Yoga Instructor. Judit has completed many Yoga certifications and continuing education courses including Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and prenatal Yoga.

She believes that Pilates and Yoga classes are the perfect combination of strength/stability and mobility/flexibility that not only work on the physical level but balance and nurture the mind as well, making it important practice for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Her passion for movement, attention to detail and encouraging and caring approach ensure her clients get the most out of every class. Judit believes that fitness should be fun yet challenging, she brings a supportive, encouraging and
uplifting spirit to her high performance yet fun classes, ensuring the clients will leave the class feeling balanced and motivated.

As a healthy living advocate, Judit practices a variety of Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Aerial training on a daily basis, which keeps her fit and always inspired.

Jennifer (Jen) Eldridge

Jen discovered Pilates when it was used as part of her treatment to recover from injuries sustained as a dancer. She was passionate to learn & share this with others after witnessing first hand the restorative benefits of the method.
Pilates as a means of rehabilitation has always been a key area of focus with Jen, whether it is aiding people recover from injury or surgery. She spent two years working for a physiotherapy practice that incorporated Pilates as a treatment method. She has worked with hip replacements, knee & shoulder reconstructions, spinal injuries, fractures, osteoporosis & osteoarthritis.
She loves helping people get out of pain & optimising body strength and mobility.
Pilates is a fantastic medium to correct posture, realign the body, restore balance in muscle groups and promote the integrity & longevity of the joints of the body.

“Every individual is different & I enjoy tailoring each session to take into account the needs of the body in front of me. That involves release tight muscles, strengthen weak muscles, improving posture, co-ordination & balance. That all comes wrapped up in a rewarding & challenging Pilates work out”.

Jen was a professional dancer before opening a successful dance school in Sydney’s inner city. She spent 15 years teaching movement to children & adults through dance. She continues to enjoy teaching movement, but now it is through the Pilates method.

Maurizio Chisari


Maurizio is a multifaceted artist, professional dancer in Latin American dances and musician. He studied various genres in dance and in 2004 he discovered Gyrotonic. In 2008 he began training to deepen his knowledge in order to become a trainer in this discipline. From 2009 to 2019 he was coach and trainer of Gyrotonic for the dancers of the private school "Il balleto di Castelfranco Veneto" in Italy where he worked with many talented dancers of ballet and contemporary dance. Many of these talented dancers are currently working all over the world in famous dance companies.

"Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis are life experiences that improve the relationship with oneself and with the world, a person who takes care of themselves by consciously working on their actions, can become a better human being. Gyrotonic is "The discipline" for excellence”.

Certification and training:
Diploma in traditional massage techniques
Professional Latin American Dance

Anita Wong

YOGA teacher + admin

When I’m not assisting with running Yogabowl, I’m a Yoga teacher.

We let go of the ''perfect'' pose and come back to what is simple (certainly not always easy) and joyful. We emphasise kindness and gentle self-care as key to developing a healthy and long term Yoga practice. My favourite pose is Savasana (it''s probably yours too) -  it''s the perfect opportunity to surrender the mind, body and breath to it''s natural healing state.

My training began with Santosha Yoga Institute in 2013 and has since included Yin Yoga & Myofascial release training with Bodhi Yoga and Jo Phee, Adjustments InYoga, Restorative Yoga with Yogabowl, Thai massage and a Diploma of Mindfulness.