Our Story



Our Story

Back in 2005, I was demonstrating Yoga on stage as part of a large Fitness Convention held in Darling Harbour. I’d spotted a former Fitness Industry colleague and Lane Cove legend; Brenda McCartney, out there in the audience. We made eye contact, and connected to chat after the session.

Brenda: “What are you doing with yourself?”
Me: “I’ve been teaching Yoga for 3 years, and am looking to start my own Yoga studio. What about you?”
Brenda: “I run a small Yoga school in Lane Cove and am currently looking to sell it. We should talk.”

The rest is history.

I bought her database, rebranded it as YOGABOWL - and I was off and running. My strategy was always wanting to bring safe, do-able Yoga classes to real people like you. Like me. Like us. I knew how to teach Yoga, though had NOT A CLUE about business, on any level. I kind of expected things would somehow just fall info place.

If I’d have been offered a look into the crystal ball back then, I’d honestly have been really surprised at how things would turn out. How hard I’d have to work. Running a small business is like a brand new baby. It always needs attention, is a constant worry, and costs a lot of money and stress when you can’t be around to care for it.

Another part I wasn’t expecting was the warmth that the local Lane Cove Community offered me. I was made to feel at home, and really supported from day one. Many of you have been with me from the start and are still going strong. You wonderful souls know who you are, though may not know how grateful I am for you.

I was thrilled to celebrate Yogabowl’s 10th Birthday in October 2015. We’ve survived the “small business curse”, and a GFC. More importantly, we’ve formed a wonderful local community of like-minded souls who care - about their wellbeing, their community, and about making the world a better place.

In October 2016, we happily relocated Yogabowl literally next door, to (upstairs, in) Lane Cove Tennis Club. With windows and trees all around us, the fresh new space brings a wonderful renewed energy and feel to our Yoga space. We look forward to welcoming you there soon.