DO what it takes to arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts.

  • Start turning your focus inward.
  • Collect any props you might need in class, then let yourself settle.
  • Try to let go of external stressors; look toward mindfulness and stillness.
  • If conversation is necessary, try to support the serene energy in the room.

Arriving after class has started is distracting, disruptive (and some consider disrespectful) to your fellow students AND the teacher.

  • If you must arrive after the start of class, please unroll your mat quietly.
  • Avoid entering or leaving the room during balancing or resting/relaxation poses.

DO turn off all electronic devises before class starts. Even a 'silenced' phone vibrating nearby is an annoying distraction.

DO use the toilet before class starts.

DO practice good hygiene prior to class, though try to avoid strong/overpowering scents and perfumes – which can be unpleasant and distracting to others.

DO remove your shoes and socks – you need to be able to ‘feel your feet grounding’ and practice correct foot alignment.

DO only use as much floor space as you truly need for your practice. Instead of your mat surrounds looking like a campsite, only keep the true necessities close by your mat (maybe water, warm layers, your props - anything else you'll honestly NEED during the practice). The 'unneccessaries' (bags, shoes, wallet/phone/keys, general 'stuff') should be stored either off to the side, or outside the room.

DO leave your ego outside the yoga room.

  • Avoid competing with yourself (or your previous yoga practice) as well as others.
  • Work mindfully, within your appropriate range and physical sensation.
  • Give yourself permission to rest ANY TIME in child’s pose, mountain pose or any other resting poses.

DO bring your own yoga mat (it’s more hygienic), and treat other’s mats as their own personal space – and PLEASE avoid walking/treading on any except your own.

DO practice on an empty stomach. Typically what happens in yoga and in digestion aren’t a happy match.

  • Eat 90 mins to 3 hours before your practice.
  • Easily digested small snacks (eg. Fruit) may be eaten up to 1 hour before class.

DO inform your teacher of any injuries, special conditions, health problems BEFORE the practice.

DO stay at home if you're sick. Spreading your germs around isn't very friendly - and you'd probably be better off resting anyway.

DO modify any poses in order to remain in appropriate/safe range and sensation for YOUR body and YOUR practice.

DO wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing (jeans and skirts/dresses don’t work).

  • Layered clothing works well
  • Loose/gaping clothing may reveal more than you think in some poses!

DO position yourself in class so you can see and hear the teacher.

DO listen to verbal cues provided.

DO stay in the room until the class is completed.

  • Leaving before final relaxation is never recommended, and if necessary should be unique not habitual.
  • Leaving during final relaxation is absolutely discouraged, as it is disruptive to your fellow student’s relaxation.

DO drink plenty of fluids before and after class – even during if you so desire.

DO raise any questions and/or concerns about your practice with your teacher.