Frequently Asked Questions

A Pilates and Gyrotonic studio has moved in to share the Yogabowl space. Both businesses will run side by side.
The times of some of the Yoga classes have changed, but the teachers are largely remaining the same.
The yoga classes will run by pre booked terms now. There will be NO CLASS PASSES.
The terms will run close to the school term in length, approximately 10 weeks. You book online to secure your spot in a particular class. This way we will know where the vacancies are and where we can let make up lessons happen or new people come and try out a class.
If you cannot attend the same class time every week, you are able to PRE BOOK 10 or more random classes for a term. You do this by sending an email with your preferred class times. We will liaise and invoice you via email.
If you cannot attend 10 classes in a term, you can still pre book classes, the class rate will be a little higher, $25 per class.
You can still do casual classes, but best to call and check if there is space, and you will need to pay the teacher, $25.
The class sizes will be a little smaller as there will be equipment in the space. The classes will have a maximum of around 13 people.
Yes you can so long as you pre book. Some classes might be full, and with the term booking system, we will know which classes have room and which don''t. Priority is given to people who book for a term.
You can attend another class if there is room. All classes expire at the end of term.
If you forget to attend, and do not notify us 24 hrs ahead, you will forfeit your class. If you give us notice that you cannot attend a class, we will try and book you in for a make up class.
Yes of course you can. You will need to contact Ingrid by phone or email to arrange an appointment. You start off with an initial consult and then we will find you a suitable place in a studio session (max 3 people at a time) or for ongoing privates or duets - whichever you prefer.
Another business has come to share the space and some of the class times clash with Pilates and/or Gyrotonic sessions. We have had to shuffle things around a bit to fit everything in. The space is going to be occupied a lot more now which is exciting.
Yes, YOGABOWL and INGRID SHAW PILATES + GYROTONIC offer private sessions for students who want a focused, individual practice with their teacher. A private lesson can help you deepen your practice by exploring the fundamentals of Yoga, Pilates or Gyrotonic, specific breathing techniques, hands-on alignment adjustments and modifications for injuries or special populations. We offer both private and semi-private sessions which can be arranged on an individual basis.
All Gyrotonic sessions are done as private sessions.
Pilates can be done privately, in duets or in small groups of 3.
Because we can modify poses and exercises to suit individuals, we encourage people to participate. You will be taught how to modify around your condition and gain a heightened experience of the mind/body connection - as your body will be giving you clearer signals than most. However, YOU MUST speak to your instructor about your condition prior to starting YOGA, and keep them updated as things progress; and YOU MUST obtain your doctor/physical therapist’s approval before joining in.

Alternatively, enquire about doing PILATES in our individually tailored sessions. We will adjust your exercises to assist in helping your issue as appropriate. PILATES is well known and respected as an excellent method of rehabilitation, especially in a STUDIO setting where the exercises are tailored to meet your needs. All our Pilates teachers are trained in and have experience in the rehabilitation of a wide variety of conditions. PILATES is well known as being excellent for posture improvement.
Yes - YOGA is a wonderful thing to take into your pregnancy with you. I recommend you attend the GENTLE classes (as we''re prenatal trained @ YB).
Alternatively, PILATES is fantastic during pregnancy and can be tailored to your needs as your body changes. Our small group individually tailored sessions are perfect for you. All our Pilates teachers have undergone thorough pre and post natal training. Email or phone for session times and bookings.
Wear comfortable work-out clothes, or whatever makes you most comfortable! Bring a bottle of water with you and a towel if you would prefer it. If you are coming to our Yoga classes, you''re more than welcome to bring your own mat.
Yes that would be great. Gyrotonic is all done on a private, one on one basis. It comes from a Yoga base, so you will no doubt enjoy it.
Find out more about it by clicking onto the description under "classes" tab. Gyrotonic can be tailored to all needs and abilities. There are Gyrotonic sessions throughout the week. Contact Ingrid.
Yes you can, but it is preferred that you pay online and pre-book for a term. There are no card processing facilities at the studio.
Gyrotonic uses equipment and is generally done one on one as a private. Gyrokinesis is generally done in a small group, although one can do it individually too. In Gyrokinesis one uses a stool and a mat. Stools and mats are provided, however you can BYO mat if you prefer.
It is not possible to have a free Pilates or Gyrotonic session, but you are most welcome to try a free Gyrokinesis class.
Yes, so long as there is space in the other class. Class sizes are limited. You will need to arrange this ahead of time by contacting us via email.
We are upstairs @ The Lane Cove Tennis Club, on the top (north) end of Kenneth St, Longueville - right next to Central Park. There is street parking on Kenneth St, and also on William Edward St, right near the rear entrance to Central Park.
The direction towards mind/body exercise has been a Godsend to our sedentary, stressful culture. All bodies - and their owner’s expectations, are different. They don’t come with specific instructions. We can best learn how to keep them healthy and performing to our expectations by listening to what they tell us, and acting accordingly. When we learn to achieve this connection and give our bodies and minds the care they are asking for, our overall health and quality of life improves. It’s important to acknowledge that in your practice you need to do what your body wants to do, not what your brain thinks it should be able to do.
Most mats are made with a `non-slip` coating, though for some people this turns out to be even more slippery than non. If it`s a problem, follow these WASHING INSTRUCTIONS:
Put your mat through the GENTLE CYCLE in your washing machine, perhaps with a little bit of wool wash (softly, etc), and then hang it over a clothes line, clothes horse or even a door to dry - it’ll take a good couple of days to dry - they absorb a lot of water (and are hard to squeeze out).
That should fix the problem.
If you find your hands are still slipping on your mat (downward dog pose especially), make sure you give your hands a good soapy wash before your class to get rid of any body lotion/hand cream residue.