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     Term 1 is under way: 
     Casual classes are available, email to book in 
     We look forward to seeing you soon 
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     Teens Yoga: 
     Sundays 5pm 
     Learning tools to find calm 
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     Accessible Yoga: 
     Sundays 830am 
     A safe Yoga space for Every Body 
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     Foot Fitness: 
     Saturday 14 March 3:30-5:30pm 
     Foot fitness - your feet will love you for it 
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     Trigger Point Therapy for the Upper Body: 
     Sat 28 March 3:30-5:30pm 
     Roll away upper body tension 

Yogabowl and Ingrid Shaw Pilates + Gyrotonic in Lane Cove

This website will provide you with all the information you should need for Yogabowl, bookings, prices, teachers and details. For any information regarding Ingrid Shaw Pilates + Gyrotonic, please email or phone us.


Mitch is delighted to be handing Yogabowl over to this lovely soul & hugely respected teacher and body worker, Ingrid Shaw.

They share something in common - quite rare in the wellness industry: and have both been teaching humans to move healthily, for more than 30 years !

Ingrid is thrilled to transition her existing business in Hunters Hill, to the studio here at the Tennis Club, bringing:

• Pilates studio work (with equipment … different to a mat class)
• Gyrotonic (therapeutic private work) and
• Gyrokinesis (group classes)

The GREAT news is she's very keen to keep as much Yoga happening as possible - with many Yogabowl teachers you all know and love.

There will be a new timetable (with some exciting new timeslots!) coming soon - we know you want to make some plans.

Classes will be offered as Terms (pre-booked courses), and the studio will have some exciting Pilates & Gyrotonic equipment in it, so class sizes will be slightly reduced … a great incentive to book in early & grab your spot!

We'll get all those details to you ASAP - watch your inbox, our website and Facebook Page for updates, and can't wait to see you all soon.

Coming Soon...

Tight neck and shoulders?:
We have a wonderful myofascial release workshop happening on 28 March. Learn how to trigger point and roll your upper body tensions away. Details under the WORKSHOP tab.

Foot fitness workshop:
Problems with your feet? Did you know that knee, hip and lower back issues can start at your feet? Details of this workshop are listed under the WORKSHOP tab. Saturday 14th March 2020