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     Teens Yoga live in studio - 5pm Sundays: 
     learn coping tools for life 
     term 2 starting 1 May 2022 
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     some time out ......and some chocolate 
     this Easter holiday 
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     Individually tailored Pilates and GYROTONIC sessions: 
     Every day in the studio 
     CALM your mind, STRENGTHEN your body 

Yogabowl and Ingrid Shaw Pilates + Gyrotonic in Lane Cove

This website will provide you with all the information you should need for Yogabowl, bookings, prices, teachers and details. For any information regarding Ingrid Shaw Pilates + Gyrotonic, please email or phone us.


Positioned in the quiet and leafy Central Park, opposite Jack & Co, you will find this boutique Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonic studio oasis. A fully equipped Pilates and Gyrotonic studio where you will receive individualised tailored sessions to meet your needs. We cater for all ages and abilities and assist in rehabilitation post injury or surgery.

Also on offer are various forms of Yoga in very small groups with experienced, compassionate teachers.

We look forward to welcoming you into our oasis.

Coming Soon...

Teen yoga:
Teens yoga finishes Sunday 3rd April and will recommence on Sunday 1st May.

Happy Holidays:
Easter holidays are upon us. The last yoga classes for term 1 will be on Monday 11th April. Term 2 will recommence on Sunday 24th April. Enjoy your break and some delicious chocolate.
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Pilates and GYROTONIC:
If you would like to try GYROTONIC or Pilates, just send us an email. We are open 6 days a week by appointment only.
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