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     The studio IS OPEN: 
     for Pilates and GYROTONIC 
     Most yoga classes remaining online via Zoom for now 
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     Casual classes are available: 
     Book a single session rather than a pack 
     We look forward to seeing you soon 
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     Trigger Point Therapy for the Lower Body: 
     Sunday 25 October 4-5pm via zoom 
     Roll away lower body tension 
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     New workshop listings: 
     trigger point and mindfulness + meditation 
     look in "events" tab 
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     Teens Yoga 9 week term 4: 
     email for details 
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     Beginners/accessible Yoga: 
     Tuesdays 6pm 
     Starting Yoga with the basics. 

Yogabowl and Ingrid Shaw Pilates + Gyrotonic in Lane Cove

This website will provide you with all the information you should need for Yogabowl, bookings, prices, teachers and details. For any information regarding Ingrid Shaw Pilates + Gyrotonic, please email or phone us.


Positioned in the quiet and leafy Central Park, opposite Jack & Co, you will find this boutique Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonic studio oasis. A fully equipped Pilates and Gyrotonic studio where you will receive individualised tailored sessions to meet your needs. We cater for all ages and abilities and assist in rehabilitation post injury or surgery.

Also on offer are various forms of Yoga in very small groups with experienced, compassionate teachers.

We look forward to welcoming you into our oasis.

Coming Soon...

New workshops:
Check out the wonderful new workshops that we have planned for October. Trigger point workshops, Mindfulness and meditation and the fabulous Foot Fitness is back by popular demand too. Details under the "events" tab

Acitve Kids voucher for T4:
We are happy to let you know that we now have Active Kids Provider status, so you can use your Active Kids voucher for in studio TEEN yoga in Term 4. Please email us if you would like to use your voucher. You cannot book online if you are using your voucher.

The studio is open for Pilates and GYROTONIC. Most yoga, foot fitness and GYROKINESIS will remain online a little longer. Teens yoga and Friday 930am gentle yoga will have the option of Zoom or live. Looking forward to seeing you face to face.

weekly Foot Fitness via zoom:
For those who have attended the Foot Fitness workshop or who have done Yamuna foot fitness, we have a weekly 1/2hr foot session via zoom, Tuesdays 5pm. If you have issues with your feet, Katrina is available for private foot sessions during the week. Please call for bookings