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     Yoga in January.: 
     That chilled, holiday vibe. 
     Peace. Love. Relax. 
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     Yoga for Anxiety & Depression Course: 
     Tues 7pm 7 Feb - 14 March 
     Find calm. Improve your mood. 
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     Corporate Wellness @ your workplace: 
     Yoga. Mindfulness. Meditation. Pilates 
     Ask us about a free trial session. 
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     Teens Yoga with Anne: 
     9-week course Sundays 5pm 
     5th Feb to 2nd April 
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     Our FREE gift to you.: 
     "DOING LESS... 
     3 Weekly Habits to Soothe Your Soul" 
Yoga in Lane Cove AND Corporate Yoga in the workplace.

Improve your self-care and self-image, your physical and mental health, your relationships, your balance and quality of life with Yoga.


I love to remind people that Yoga isn't a one-size-fits-all practice.

Years ago, the ancient Yoga Gurus worked 1-1 with their students – creating an individually therapeutic practice for that student.

Fast-forward to now: the expectations that a group practice will work for every-body isn't realistic.

Which is why we truly offer do-able Yoga for real people like you.

We all come to the Yoga mat with something: may be a physical imperfection; some emotional clutter or mental unease – all that is acknowledged and welcomed and you're encouraged to modify things and suit the practice to take what YOU need from it.

Many people come to Yoga expecting just a physical practice. It's when the other sneaky benefits (connection to self, stress relief, calm, stillness, healing etc) begin to percolate away – that's Yoga.


Gentle Yoga 6-week Course with Deb:
Wednesdays 7-8pm 1st Feb to 8th March. Seriously gentle. We promise.
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Yoga for Anxiety & Depression Course, with Stella.:
7th Feb - 14th March @ 7pm. Find Calm. Improve your mood.
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Restorative Workshop with Mitch:
Saturday 21st January 3:15 - 5:15pm with Mitch. Relax. Restore. Renew.
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Teens Yoga 9week Course:
Sundays 5pm 5th Feb to 2nd April with Anne.
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Learn to Meditate Course:
4th Oct to 8th Nov 7pm - 8pm with Darshna. Calm your busy brain.
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Wednesday 7pm Gentle Yoga 7-week course:
28 Sept to 9 Nov @ Lane Cove Tennis Club with Deb. Seriously gentle, we promise.
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Monday 7pm Open Yoga 11week course:
16th Jan to 27th March with John. Join this friendly group.
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