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     Do-able Yoga & self-care for: 
     busy, real people like YOU. 
     Classes. Courses. Workshops. Retreats. 
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     Yoga for Desk Sitters Course: 
     Tuesdays 6-7:10pm, starts 11 June 
     Functional. Practical. Therapeutic. 
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     Yoga for Stress & Anxiety course: 
     Thursdays 6:30pm starts 16 May 
     Yogic tools for mental wellbeing 
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     Plus-Size Yoga 9 week Course: 
     Tuesdays 7:15pm starts 4 June 
     A safe Yoga space for larger bodies 
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     Restorative Yoga Workshop: 
     Fri 14 June, 6-8pm 
     Relax. Restore. Renew. 
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     1 day Urban Retreat: 
     Sun 4th Aug 8am-4:30pm 
     One whole day of self-compassion. 
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     Corporate Wellness @ your workplace: 
     Yoga. Mindfulness. Meditation. Pilates 
     Ask us about a free trial session. 
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     Our FREE gift to you: 
     DOING LESS... 
     3 Weekly Habits to Soothe Your Soul 
Yoga studio in Lane Cove, Sydney | Corporate Wellness & Yoga programs

Improve your self-care, and enjoy a boost for your self-image, quality of sleep, physical & mental health, relationships, and your balance and quality of life with Yoga.


Yoga isn't a one-size-fits-all practice.

When Yoga first began, the ancient Yoga Gurus worked 1-1 with their students – creating an individually therapeutic practice for that person. Fast-forward to now: to expect a group practice will work for every-body isn't always realistic.

Which is why it's important we offer do-able Yoga for real people like you.

We all come to the Yoga mat with something: maybe some physical dysfunction; some mental clutter or emotional unrest – all that is acknowledged and welcomed, and you're encouraged to modify things and suit the practice to take what YOU need from it.

Many people come to Yoga expecting just a physical practice. It's when the other sneaky benefits (connection to self, stress relief, calm, stillness, healing etc) begin to percolate away – that's Yoga!

Join us - come see for yourself.

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Yoga for Desk Sitters 8wk Course with Mitch:
Tuesdays 6pm - 7:10pm. Functional. Practical. Therapeutic.
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Yoga for Stress & Anxiety:
Thursdays 6:30-7:45pm, starts 16 May Yogis tools for Mental Health wellbeing.
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Plus-Size Yoga 9 week Course:
Tuesdays 7:15pm, starts 2nd April. A body positive, safe Yoga space for women in larger bodies.
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Restorative Workshop with Mitch:
Fri 14 June, 6-8pm Relax. Restore. Renew.
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Teens Yoga 8week Course with Heather:
Sundays 5pm 12 May Teaching them tools for calm during stressful times at school.
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Tweens Yoga Course with Nicole:
Mondays 4:15-5:15pm, 6 May to 1 July (8wks) Relaxation & fun for Primary School kids.
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Yin Yoga Workshop:
Sunday 19 May 9am - 10:30am. Open the heart and breathe a little easier.
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